Snow plowing
Snow plowing
Snow plowing
Snow plowing

The technician was knowledgeable, pleasant, answered all my questions and worked through some issues of frozen ground and a frozen lid on the septic tank. I was very happy with the service.

John P.


Residential and Commercial Snow Removal

Snowfall on your property can make it difficult for you to get to work or for customers and employees to enter your business. It can also create a safety hazard and could lead to property damage. Some property owners might try to remove the mounds of snow themselves. But, without the right equipment, this can be tedious and exhausting work. Not to mention it can take up time you need for other things. For help clearing the snow from your property, reach out to Mountain Septic. We offer residential and commercial snow plowing services in Durango, allowing you to keep your operations and routines running smoothly.

Our professionals value your time and property. When you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll text you 30 minutes before we arrive, so you don’t have to set aside chunks of your day waiting. Upon arrival, we’ll assess the area and make a note of yard features or other obstacles we need to be careful around. Our highly qualified specialists have the equipment and skills to clear the snow from your property as quickly and safely as possible.

To schedule a residential or commercial Durango snow plowing service, please call us at 970-903-2439 or contact us online today.

Removing the Snow from Your Property

When snow piles up, it can make travel impossible and increase the chances of slipping and falling, which could lead to injuries. Not clearing the snow from your driveway, parking lot, or other high-traffic areas can also cause property damage, destroying the underbelly of your vehicle or causing fissures in paved surfaces.

The Equipment We Use to Plow Snow

Effectively removing the snow from your home or office requires using the right tools and pushing it to landscaped or other designated areas. At Mountain Septic, we use a Ram 2500 with a snowplow and one skid steer.

The Areas We Snow Plow

Our team plows more than just front driveways. We do any surface area on residential or commercial property that we can access with a plow. However, we do not shovel or snow blow.

How Long It Takes to Plow Snow

For an average-sized driveway, it takes about 1 hour to plow the snow (we have a 1-hour minimum for services. The time to remove snow from a commercial lot depends on the size.

Reach Out to a Company You Can Rely On

At Mountain Septic, we take care of the job we’re hired to do. Our team will clear the snow from your residential or commercial property while maintaining consistent contact with you, keeping you updated on the project’s progress.

To set up an appointment, contact us at 970-903-2439.



Our local business wants to make your service as convenient as possible, so we provide free estimates and walk you through every step of your service, answering your every septic question along the way. We have the specialized equipment and know-how to service properties both big and small—delivering solutions for homes and businesses alike. Our team is proud to serve our community throughout Durango and surrounding areas.

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We'll Keep You Informed

We pride ourselves on our 5-star communication throughout the entire process. We believe clear communication is the key to a successful transaction.

Exceed All Expectations

Our job doesn’t end once we leave. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of the work we completed along with a map of where your septic is located. We will also provide you with a custom maintenance schedule to keep your system optimized for performance.

Customer Satisfaction

We place our reputation above all else. We will diagnose what services you need, perform the task you hired us to do and clean up after ourselves once the job is done.

Your Time is Valued

We value your time as much as ours. Our techs will send you a text message when they are 30 minutes away from your home. No more waiting around all day!